Demi Lovato Records w/ Cher Lloyd

9 05 2013

Demi Lovato has collaborated with Cher Lloyd.

English rapper and singer Cher said she was instantly attracted to working on ‘Really Don’t Care’ with Demi, because it stood out against most other pop songs.

Speaking to MTV, Cher said: ”First of all, I love the song. Like, I really love the song. And I was very excited to put my kind of twist on it.

”I mean, that girl can really sing, and it’s so different. That’s the thing, nowadays it’s so important to be able to be recognised and to be on the radio and for people to know automatically it’s you. And Demi has that and that’s something I really look up to.”

The 19-year-old singer – who hit the charts in 2011 with her single ‘Swagger Jagger’ – added she and Demi are a great pairing because they have so much in common.

She explained: ”I think me and Demi are in some ways kind of similar. We have quite a young fanbase and this is very much a girl power song. You know, it has a great feel to it, and I’m so excited that people get to hear it now.”

Cher is also collaborating on another track called ‘It’s All Good’ with Ne-Yo.

She said: ”We’re just working towards getting a great summer vibe-y track going. Me and Ne-Yo are very much in charge of this whole process, you know, the musical side of it.”

‘Demi’, featuring ‘Really Don’t Care’, will be available in the UK from May 13.

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2.) Demi Lovato, “Shouldn’t Come Back”

Demetria Devonne Lovato (aka Demi Lovato) majorly surprised her Lovatics yesterday by unveiling the entirety of her upcoming studio album, Demi, on her official website. “Shouldn’t Come Back,” one of the major standouts of the largely pop-rock collection, is an aching ballad that sees Demi sadly crooning away on top of a simple guitar strum and sorrowful strings. “Sorry I’m not sorry for the times I don’t reply/ You know the reason why,” she bitterly croons. We all know that Demi’s got the pipes to blow like Kelly Clarkson, but it’s the restraint and stripped-down quality of “Shouldn’t Come Back” that truly allows the former Disney princess to shine bright.






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