Miley Cyrus #1 on Maxim Hot 100

9 05 2013

This former child star went from screaming tween fans to an edgy adulthood. Working as a successful singer, model, and actress, we still can’t believe that she’s related to the man who coined “Achy Breaky Heart” or that we got to see this on CBS this past year.

Here’s what Miley had to say about being named Number One on the 2013 Hot 100 List:

“It feels amazing to be No. 1,” she told us, “especially because it was voted on by the fans. I have the best fans in the world!”

“It’s every woman’s fantasy to be told she’s No.1 on Maxim’s Hot 100! So crazy!”

UPDATE: Why Maxim named Miley Cyrus the Hottest Woman of 2013

Maxim magazine knows a thing or two about beautiful women. The men’s magazine’s executive editor Patrick Carone joined us in the FOX411 studio to reveal just how former tween queen Miley Cyrus took the top spot on Maxim’s 2013 Hot 100 list.

“We went for Miley for a variety of reasons. First and foremost the Hot 100 over the last few years, actually specifically the last two years, we’ve actually had voting online and so we’ve put a bunch of women we think would be contenders on and we just have our readers go online and vote,” Carone said. “Miley just annihilated.”

Carone said Miley’s vote-in landslide was due to a series of factors.

“The voting for her was absolutely tremendous, and then it doesn’t hurt she’s extremely cute. She’s young and she has her whole career ahead of her and I think really the thing with Miley that we love so much is she’s a global, international force,” he said. “Like she’s the kind of person who cuts her hair and it’s literally news in Japan and India. Everyone is fascinated by her love life. We’ve grown up with her. We’ve seen her turn from kind of a young girl into this beautiful woman and we really can’t get ‘Party in the U.S.A’ out of our heads.”

Miley was so excited to be number one spot, she Instagramed to the world five days before Maxim officially announced the news, “I’m so happy to be #1 on Maxim’s HOT 100.” Although she stole some of Maxim’s thunder, Carone said Maxim was happy Miley was so enthusiast about her win

“Well it’s sort of the thing that we’re happy that people are excited about it and we’re happy specifically that she’s excited. You know the fact is she wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t care,” Carone said. “A lot of times especially when you have people at this level you always wonder if maybe their handlers do everything. Michael Jackson in some weird room, in some corner where people feed them meals, nothing really happens. But Miley is a real living breathing woman, and she got excited. We named her the hottest woman in the entire world so we can’t really blame her. She got a little overzealous.”

Miley Cyrus Tops Maxim Hot 100

So much for a spoiler alert! Days after Miley Cyrus inadvertently leaked the news that she was named No.1 on Maxim‘s annual Hot 100 list, the magazine confirmed her place at the top of the Hollywood hottie heap.

In an exclusive Us Weekly first look, the former Disney star, 20, bares it all on the cover of the magazine, going completely topless (with her back to the camera), wearing nothing but a pair of strategically ripped jeans and a gold choker draped down her back.

An inside image shows the “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks” singer looking all grown-up, lying on her stomach in a seductive pose, wearing a gold one-piece swimsuit, her short blonde hair slicked down against her head and an array of gold bangles and chains adorning her wrist and neck.

“This pixie-haired beauty brought it home for America, storming to the top spot the first week of voting and never losing command of her seat of world power,” the magazine said in a press release.

“It feels amazing to be No. 1, especially because it was voted on by the fans. I have the best fans in the world!” she told the magazine of her achievement. “It’s every woman’s fantasy to be told she’s No.1 on Maxim’s Hot 100! So crazy!”

On Friday, May 3, Cyrus let the cat out of the bag early by posting the sultry photo from the magazine on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts, thanking her fans for their support. “Didn’t know this was coming out yet!” she captioned the shot, hashtagging the photo with “my fans kick ass” and “dreams do come true.”

The singer trumps fellow Hollywood hotties Beyonce (No.14), Rihanna (No.3), Kate Upton (No.8) and Olivia Wilde (No.16) for the top honors, bumping out last year’s reigning queen Bar Refaeli off the list. Other notable list-makers include Selena Gomez (No.2), Megan Fox (No.20), and Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend (No.69).

ALSO, Demi Lovato came in at #26!

Disney darling Demi Lovato has been on the scene since 2002 with the popular children’s show, Barney & Friends. Since then, she’s become a household name with the Camp Rock movies and the hit show Sonny with a Chance, as well as a spot as judge on The X Factor. In 2008, she released her first album, Don’t Forget, and she released two more in 2009 and 2011.

See the full list HERE.

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