Complex’s 100 Hottest Women Right Now

30 05 2013

You can’t sum up the achievements of the 100 women running pop culture in 2013 with a single word. What makes them attractive can’t be distilled down into one quality. You just know that there’s something about these individuals that’s mesmerizing, both in their chosen careers and in their interests outside of their work. From pop stars flexing their talents on the silver screen, to athletes stepping into the professional spotlight for the first time, all these folks are just killing it right now.

Occupation: Musician, actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Working with producer Mike WiLL on her upcoming single “We Can’t Stop”

Cyrus has been a star for a long time, and at this point anything she does is going to draw a ton of attention, whether it involves twerking or not. She’ll be releasing her fourth studio album later this year, and recently confirmed that the album’s first single “We Can’t Stop” will drop on June 3. Her lifestyle away from the studio has also made headlines, with everything from her outrageous haircut to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth subject to constant analysis and scrutiny.

Occupation: Musician
Biggest accomplishment this year: The renewal of her contract to judge The X-Factor when it returns for its third season

Demi Lovato has found second life as a judge on Fox’s X-Factor, seeming downright normal when put next to Britney Spears. Her performance on the first season was well-received enough that she’ll be returning next season with a doubled salary, not too bad considering she pulled in $1 million for her work last year. She also released her new album Demi in mid-May, and its lead single Heart Attack climbed as high as No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lovato is also currently penning an e-book, which will be released in mid-June and will soon after join the literary canon as one of the great works of our time.




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