Demi Lovato For Fiasco Magazine

9 06 2013

6 new pics from the 2013 photoshoot Demi did for Fiasco Magazine.

HQ pics HERE.

Article HERE.

ALSO, ELLE Canada 2012 photoshoot outtakes:

AND, new pictures from Unbroken photoshoot HERE.

In other news, Nylon Magazine behind the scenes: demi lovato

“I have a mouth like a sailor, but I don’t want to do anything that would let anyone down.”

Demi Lovato has lived through more in 20 years than most of us experience in a lifetime–and yet while other Disney stars’ flames burn out before they reach college, the “Heart Attack” singer’s is stronger than ever; not only did she have a chart-topping hit this spring, but she also made her primetime debut as a judge on The X-Factor.

In our Music Issue, on newsstands now, our executive editor Ashley Baker chatted with Lovato about the pitfalls of fame–and why you shouldn’t expect to see her in a Spring Breakers-esque movie anytime soon. “Once I went into rehab, it was kind of like, ‘Well, that image is over,’ and there is not much I could really do about that, which was terrifying,” she said of her much-publicized scandal several years ago. “I though, I might as well talk so I don’t have to worry about things coming out later.””

We’ve got a few exclusive outtakes that you won’t be able to see anywhere else; check them out, and then pick up a copy of the issue to read the rest of the story!





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