Miley Cyrus Radio Interviews

12 06 2013

Smallzy gets all the goss from Miley Cyrus on her new music and when she’s coming to Australia!

Miley Cyrus reveals she’s lined up some big collaborations for her upcoming album!

It’s been a “crazy ride” for Miley Cyrus, with her new single “We Can’t Stop” premiering at number one on iTunes in 23 countries. But she’s more excited about the music video.

“The video will be out soon, which will give the song more life,” Miley told Nova FM’s Smallzy.

“It will help people understand what the song means to me.”

It’s the first time in a while Cyrus has put any new tracks out, but it certainly won’t be the last we hear from her this year, with a new album in the works.

“Everyone’s been very open to my music and what I’m trying to do,” Miley told Smallzy.

She alluded to the fact that she will be collaborating with some of music’s big names on her new album, dropping names like Big Sean and Ludacris.

Miley’s name has been attached to the “twerking” phenomenon of recent times too, posting a couple of her moves on Youtube for the internet world to see!

“Life is about having fun, I like to go out and dance – it’s just a bit of fun!” Miley said of the videos.

To find out what Twerking is, and to see Miley’s video, click HERE. Also, to see Miley’s reaction to Fitzy and Wippa doing Miley’s bikini shoot, click HERE.

Check out more of her interview HERE!

Miley interview on The Bump:

Miley interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show:

Miley Cyrus called The Kane Show to talk about rumors she was hooking up with Justin Bieber and the crazy claims of Amanda Bynes.

Miley has pretty good proof she’s never been with Justin Bieber…listen HERE!

Hear the entire interview tomorrow on The Kane Show!




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