Miley Cyrus Album Listening Party

15 06 2013

Miley held an album listening party in Chicago (June 14).

A guest at the party said that “Wrecking Ball is more of a power ballad, and 4×4 is a country/dance hybrid” which is “very different”, and that Nelly will be featured on it. New song titles were revealed in Miley’s new interview with Billboard – including Drive, Stand By Me, Wrecking Ball, 4×4, and Rubber Band.

Vine 1 | Vine 2

Here’s what a couple listeners had to say:

More pics HERE.

  • Article: Miley Cyrus just can’t stop shocking with fashion and lyrics

MILEY Cyrus won’t be taking to the role-model podium to apologise for those outfits or those lyrics.

The fast-talkin’ triple threat has already belly laughed at the tut-tutting about what she is singing and how she is looking for the launch of her career reboot with We Can’t Stop.

The urban pop anthem intended for Rihanna but redirected to Cyrus by this year’s go-to hitmaker Mike Will celebrates the party that would provoke a parental lecture.

At the We Can’t Stop bash, you can kiss who you want to, women with ample derrieres are “shaking it like we at a strip club” and there is the suggestion that people queueing for the toilets are “trying to get a line in the bathroom”.

The 20-year-old actor, singer and chief executive of Brand Miley was acutely aware the social media microscope would be focused on the lyrics.

Even though she left Hannah Montana behind years ago, Cyrus is still shaking off the last vestiges of that girl-next-door to sing about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

“I knew that would happen,” she says about the focus on the lyrics. “There are some lines in there hinting at what people think it’s hinting at. (But) it’s just about whatever you are going through.”

As an entertainer who has been brought up in Hollywood, Cyrus knows exactly what is going on. She knows if Justin Bieber leaves her home in his leopard print gaudy Audi, there will be speculation she has moved on from Aussie fiance Liam Hemsworth. For the record, they are still engaged.

She knows if she tweets photos of her wearing a onesie to rival Cher’s seatbelt leotard, it will land on the homepage of every news and gossip website in the world.

Again, Cyrus will say sorry for “loving fashion”. In fact, she is very chuffed that she is inspiring imitation. “I know everyone is going to talk – there’s no such thing as bad publicity. People are going to talk no matter what. I could wear a sack and people would talk,” she says speedily.

Cyrus talks at the proverbial million miles an hour.

“Being a musician nowadays, you have to make your look count and I have been consistent with that.

“People look at me and want to dress like me. That’s a cooler feeling than people who talk at me could know. I love fashion so much that it means a lot to me that girls look at me and what I like to wear and want to imitate that.”

With the exception of fallen child star Amanda Bynes who seems to be stuck on Twitter self-destruct mode lately, Cyrus has inspired nothing but positive shout-outs from her pop peers. Labelmate Avril Lavigne urged fans to check out the song, and Britney Spears sang its praises with a “so hot!” tweet.

“Britney Spears tweeted about We Can’t Stop!” Cyrus says, excitedly. “Britney’s was the first record I ever bought!”

While the We Can’t Stop video premiere is yet to be locked in as Cyrus and her team finish editing, the singer has already posted enough photos via Twitter to construct a one-minute montage.

She says it will depict the ultimate party – lying sprawled on the floor wearing a cut-off T-shirt and onesie leotard, dancing with giant teddy bears, watching the sun come up with her posse.

No doubt there will be some twerking, the latest booty and hip shaking dance to emerge from the R&B clubs in the US and which Cyrus demonstrated some aptitude for at a concert by her mate Juicy J in Los Angeles last weekend.

The video was directed by Diane Martel who made the steamy Blurred Linesclip for Robin Thicke.

“I promise you no teddy bears were harmed in the making of the video,” Cyrus says, laughing.

“The video is like (film) Project X meets a Nylon high fashion shoot. It’s about having fun and it’s grungy in a different way because of the song’s urban vibe.

“Everyone is going to wish they were at this party, people are going to trip when they see this.”

Cyrus has successfully straddled the bubblegum and ballad bookends of the pop spectrum since launching her post-Disney music career.

She says she chose to go with We Can’t Stop instead of a slower love song now because she is in a good mood and the world isn’t.

“We are at the point where people need to hear a song like this, a song likeParty In The USA,” Cyrus says.

“It unites people – I want people to feel strong again.

“Everyone wanted me to put out a ballad like The Climb – and I’m a bit of a ballad whore – but that’s not where I’m at or where I feel the world is at.”

With pop’s heavy hitters lining up their records for the lucrative last half of the year, Cyrus has teamed with the gold-plated producers who work with everyone from Pink to Daft Punk.

Besides Mike Will, there’s Pharrell Williams, Dr Luke and on board for her album expected to drop within the next four months.

Cyrus calls Williams her “brother” and says her collaborations result from “haunting studios” as much as having her people talk to their people.

“Pharrell was the first person I went to – he’s like my big brother. I get to work with the people I love being around because I live in the studio, I am always running into them at the studio,” she says.

“I am lucky to have a creative family who only want the best for me and we have a bond no one could understand. Being able to write with these people who are like my brothers gives me a reason to live.”

Although direct questions about the state of her relationship with Hemsworth were off the table,

Cyrus seemed to confirm their engagement is still solid when asked if she would be heading back to Australia to launch her album later this year.

“My team and I are trying to work it out because I need to come down to see family and friends anyway,” she says.

“It’s a bit of a trek so I want to do as much as I can and make my time work.”

We Can’t Stop is out now.





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