‘We Can’t Stop’ Video Celebrates Female Sexual Liberation

20 06 2013

Miley Cyrus, you may take heat for your adventurous new video that boldly celebrates the joys of being young, female and sexy. But ignore the dissers — “We Can’t Stop” is an anthem you deserve to be proud of!

Miley Cyrus, congratulations! You have successfully shed your teen queen Hannah Montana persona in one well thought-out and very sophisticated video that showcases your edgy new image.

Miley Cyrus — Transforming Yourself For An Adult Career Was Tricky

You have clearly given a great deal of thought to how you might transition successfully from your goody-goody country girl Hannah Montana version of Miley, to the adult Miley that you knew you had to become in order to have a long-term musical career.

Some people wondered what you were up to once Hannah Montana ended in Jan., 2011, besides going to Pilates class. It seemed like you were just taking an extended time off or time out.

Your first attempt to redefine yourself with the Can’t Be Tamed album, was an effort that aroused controversy without fully and positively expressing your yearnings.

It came off as a shocking expression of raunchy sexiness that felt like you were trying too hard, too soon, to make that transition.

Miley, You’ve Bravely Taken Risks & They’re Paying Off

It was smart that you clearly decided to pull back and give deeper thought to how you wanted to grow and express yourself as a musical artist, who is a very modern young woman.

You realized that you needed to change your sound, your look and the musical producers that you would work with in order to realize your vision.

Pharrell Williams, will.i.am and Dr. Luke became your new musical mentors. You called working with Pharrell, “magic” and he said he wanted to free you.

“I want her out of that cage,” he declared in an interview. Well, we’re seeing the brilliant results of your ‘uncaged’ efforts in the newly released “We Can’t Stop” video.

Listen Miley, you will no doubt be criticized by some for your unabashed raciness in “We Can’t Stop.” Yes, you wear a series of ultra tight, body revealing outfits and a swimsuit, you grind suggestively on a bed and in a bathtub, you twerk, you rough house in a sensual way with a girlfriend, put your hand on another girlfriend’s breast and playfully kiss a Barbie doll.

You Are Free To Explore Your Sexuality

But, I don’t see your provocative moves as merely a blatant grab to get attention, video views and make sales on iTunes.

No, it’s much much more than that. I see your message in “We Can’t Stop,” as a high-spirited celebration of the freedom that young women are blessed with today to fully explore and celebrate their sexuality.

“It’s our party we can love who we want, we can kiss who we want, we can see who we want,” you sing. “It’s our song we can sing if we want to, it’s my mouth I can say what I want to… Can’t you see it’s we who own the night,” you chant.

You are using the song to express your freedom to be in charge of your life as well as the liberated vitality of other young women in your generation.

You are comfortable with your own sexuality, just like millions of other young women today, and that’s an inspirational statement.

How many generations of young women in history have been able to have the same sexual freedom that men have had — very, very few. Furthermore, women in most places on earth, still are punished for their sexuality or repressed so that they feel guilty and dirty just for having natural sexual feelings. And that is so wrong.

I think it’s great that you are using your creativity as a musical artist to make this statement in a totally modern and unapologetic video.

“We Can’t Stop” is clearly the culmination of a well thought-out plan and image change.

Miley, You’re A Great Role Model

Miley, you’ve taken a lot of risks with this transformation and that took courage. But your new punky look perfectly expresses your cheeky self-confidence and sexiness. You are a woman in charge of your own destiny and you’ve bravely taken a big step and a big gamble with your new adult image.

But it’s all totally working. The time you put in over the last two years thinking about and then planning your giant leap was very well spent.

And while you may leave behind some Hannah Montana fans, you will connect with millions of other young women, who will find their own feelings expressed in your new message of joyful liberation.

You may look very different from the woman who Liam Hemsworth fell in love with and became engaged to, but he should be incredibly proud of you. And he should respect you as the very talented and courageous artist that you are.

Congratulations, Miley on becoming the voice of a new generation of women who are comfortable in their own skins and excited about the lives and opportunities they have ahead!

  • From A Fellow 20-Something: Why Miley Cyrus’ New Video Matters

The building backlash against Miley Cyrus’ newest single “We Can’t Stop” is about to explode now that she’s released the accompanying music video. The 20-year-old has twerked off whatever Disney chains have bound her and is proving that her 2010 single “Can’t Be Tamed” wasn’t just a middle finger to her first employers, but a lifestyle. And, frankly, it’s a great thing.

I happen to love Cyrus’s evolution. Who’s to say a celebrity kid can’t go through the rebellious, punk phase, experiment with alcohol, their sexuality, and maybe dabble with drugs? She’s growing up and into herself. Not to mention, it just so happens that she’s in the spotlight. “We Can’t Stop” is, at its core, a track about youth. It’s the “Fight For Your Right” of the millennial generation. We have no problem with the party theme of the track. Its hypnotic bass womp captures both what’s happening in music right now and the weird, in-between feeling that comes with being young today. You want there to be a huge build and drop, but it never comes; it just rolls on until it stops. To be honest, if Miley wasn’t talking about drinking and experimenting with drugs, I’d start to think she was a robot. Youth is about discovering yourself and making mistakes, but it’s also about gaining the maturity to own up to your low points and learning what’s good for you and what’s not. She hasn’t gained that maturity yet, but we’re witnessing her grow into it. At the same time, she’s more in control of her life than ever. As long as she maintains that sense of self and doesn’t become another celebrity rehab case, she’ll be fine.

There will be nights where you go too hard, maybe kiss the wrong person, and watch the sun rise. This music video captures just that. I know there will be protesters who will play the role-model card and say she shouldn’t be flaunting her sexuality and party antics. Why shouldn’t she, though? I think she’s more of a role model now than she’s ever been. Having a perfect, never-do-bad role model is intimidating; it’s an unreachable goal. I personally look up to people who have screwed up, lived a little, and aren’t ashamed of it. I respect and look up to people who look back on their youth proudly, who aren’t perfect, and are better people because of that.

“We Can’t Stop” is an over-the-top, rose-colored look into what it means to be a young person today. Being only a few years older than Miley, I understand where she’s coming from and where she’s going. Is it weird seeing Hannah Montana wearing a strategically tucked T-shirt and getting her butt spanked? Yeah, but that’s seeing this video through the Disney lens. It’s looking at her in hindsight rather than looking at who she is in this very moment: a 20-year-old girl discovering herself, challenging the box we believe she should be put in by constructing her own. She’s made it loud and clear that she’s not going to stop, and I don’t think she should.

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