The 50 Most Influential Celebrities Online

2 07 2013

More Than Just Selfies

Social media has forever changed the way we mortals interact with the stars, but which of those stars have used social media to become truly influential online? We looked at the stats behind 160 top celebs’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube accounts along with each of their scores with online influence calculator Klout and distilled that information into a simple scoring system to determine our top 50 influencers. To qualify, celebs have to be using an active Twitter account, must be famous primarily in the U.S., or have an active state-side fan base, and they must be individual accounts (no bands, no brands). While the list is dominated by pop stars, actors, and television personalities, other public figures such as athletes (LeBron James) and business gods (Bill Gates) made the top 50, too.

#36. Miley Cyrus

Facebook Fans: 26,647,358
Twitter Followers: 12,067,802
Klout Score: 85

Miley Cyrus has had a somewhat stormy relationship with Twitter. At one point she very publicly dumped her account, but Twitter knew she’d be back and faithfully held her username availalbe for her inevitable return. Miley has gotten herself mixed up in a few controversial moments using social media, having to explain, apologize for, or even delete tweets occasionally. But fans haven’t tired of her unfiltered approach, and as a result, we get lots of pictures and videos these days of Miley twerking.

#39. Demi Lovato

Facebook Fans: 19,773,025
Twitter Followers: 14,569,993
Klout Score: 85

As the 21st-most followed celeb on our list, Demi Lovato often uses her social media influence to spread the word about rehab and recovery programs for young adults who suffer from the same kinds of problems she herself has so publicly faced. She also shares intimately from her personal life, in June garnering more than 132,000 retweets when she posted a childhood picture of herself with her father, Patrick Lovato, upon his passing.





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