Miley Cyrus: “I Hope to Return Soon & Present My Album In Spain”

18 07 2013

Tony Aguilar interviewed Miley Cyrus on her new album. We talked about her album, her first single, We Can’t Stop, its sound and its new style.

Tony: Hi Miley!
 Hey, how is it going? How are you?

T: I’m very happy to be talking to you all the way from Spain. How are you? Are you alright?
 Yeah, I’m very jealous for not being in Spain right now. I wish I was there doing this interview!

G: Tell us about your new single. We love “We Can’t Stop”, what can you tell us about it?
 Thank you so much. It was important for me that people would watch the video because I think that’s the best way to describe the song visually. It was crazy, we released it and it became the most watched video in 24 hours immediately. I think it was because we did something different and interesting… I think when you watch the video, you understand what my inspiration was and what the song is about.

T: Did you have fun making the video?
 Yeah, I loved the whole process of being on set. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life, because I got to be in charge and do what I really wanted to do. You know, For about two years I’ve been thinking about what I’d be capable of doing, I took time to know if I was ready to do my album and to actually take control.

T: What is the best and the worst part about growing up in the music business?
 I think the worst part is growing up while having to deal with the media and all those stuff when I do something whether is related to my career or to my personal life… It’s also a huge satisfaction, but sometimes it’s kinda irritating. Either way I’m very thankful that I could never really complain.

T: Are you gonna focus only on your music or do you have any movie or tv projects coming up?
 I want to focus only on music. The other day I was talking to someone… I’m very happy of being able to be my own director, I really want to do it that way. I need that in my life. I always tell myself that I’m never gonna act again, but I probably will. It’s just that right now I’m at a point in my life where I don’t wanna be a “character”.

T: What do you think about your Spanish Smilers? Do you like Spain? Do you like Spanish fans? Are you coming to my country on your next tour?
 Actually, I’m very jealous for not being there right now. Spain is one of my favorite places in the world because it’s great for a getaway and I never get to do that, so it makes me feel free when I go there. You guys have the best sun, Besides, it’s one of the best places in the world to go out and party!

T: Do you remember the concert “Rock in Rio” in Madrid?
 Yes, I do. That concert was amazing.

T: Spanish Smilers and Lovatics want you and Demi Lovato to do a duet. Will you do it in the future? (@ Caada1998)
 I will. It’s not planned for this album, but we definitely will. She’s my homie.

T: We’re trending worldwide on Twitter right now with the hashtag #TonyAguilaraAskMiley, the fans are sending in their questions. One of them (@ LauRizoC) wants to know why you cut your hair.
 I think everybody would talk whether I had long hair or short hair, so whatever. I actually wanted to change, because at the beginning everybody hated it but then everybody started coping it, but the main reason I did it was because I wanted to change, I wanted to look different. They told me it was crazy (what I did), that my hair and my look would take a drastic turn, but I think this is really what represents me.

T: Another fan called Hot House (@ RowlingCyrus) asks if you’re thinking about writing another book, like one you published “Miles To Go”.
 Well not at the moment, right now I’m focused on my musical career and on my record. Writing a book is not in my plans because it would take a lot of time, and right now I’m working on my music.

T: What kind of music can we kind in your new album, besides “We Can’t Stop”? (question from @ La_noe28)
 I really wanna show my consistence, and that my album is consistent when it comes to its sound, and that every song sounds different. I think people don’t know what they’re gonna find yet. It’s such a dope sound that we’ve created and that nobody can take away from us. We’ve worked really hard. I think it’s gonna be a big surprise, people don’t really know what to expect from my album right now. They don’t know what they’re gonna find there!

T: I have a question from @ CyrusBieber16 on Twitter. You’re a role model to a lot of people, how do you handle that responsibility?
 I have to be the best me that I can when people are watching. I love that, but I don’t want to put myself in a place where I have to force myself to be or act in a certain way, because I think you need to be a good person for yourself, and make the decisions you gotta make thinking about yourself, and not in other people. I want people to make their own decisions, if you’re gonna be a good person, you’re gonna be it for yourself, not for imitating what I do. I love when people are lovely and sweet, and care about others… but I don’t want to put much pressure on myself with the whole role model thing because I’m only 20, I’m ready to be a “mom” or to take care of someone. I also don’t want to pretend to be someone I’m not because that’s not my job, my job is to make music that people like and that can inspire them.

T: What was it like working and being in the studio with Pharrell? (@ SmilerForMCyrus)
 He’s like my big brother. He helped me a lot to find out who I am. In the studio he gave me so much freedom about the sound, lyrics, and just everything that I did. I think it was a self-finding experience, more than just working on an album.

T: To wrap it up, can you say something to your fans from Spain?
 I hope to return very soon. I hope to see you guys this year and of course, introduce y’all to my album over there.

T: Thank you so much Miley. It was great talking to you again. Please, come back soon to Spain!
 You have no idea how badly I want to go back to Spain. I’ll try to go there soon. I want to eat some good food there and go party!

T: Don’t worry, this is the right country to eat well and go party (laughs)
 I know. It’s my favorite place to party. I’ll see you soon.

T: We love you, Miley. Thank you!
 Thank you! Later.

Thanks to Geraldine Lara for translating!

  • During a recent interview speaking to ET Canada, Nick Jonas mentioned Miley and her new music. He said:

Speaking of Disney, they aren’t the only stars from the network to go from child actor to superstar. Miley Cyrus is also making waves with her edgier music this year, and Nick who dated the former Hannah Montana star says he couldn’t be more happy for his ex. “It’s great to see that she can continue to be successful and make the kind of music she wants to make,” he says. “It’s really interesting right now. If you look at who are on top of the pop charts right now, you’ve got Miley, Demi and Selena and we’re happy to be back on our game.”

You can read the rest of his interview HERE.

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