‘We Can’t Stop’ Promotion In the UK – Day 2 & 3

20 07 2013

Day 2

After an insane first day of press in London, Miley gets straight into work again on her second day of promotion for We Can’t Stop. Miley held an album listening party for some press and reporters in the UK to start her day, and she also met up with some different reporters and shows to do some interviews.

  • Album Listening Party

Natalie Edwards from the Mirror UK (@nataliesedwards):

• On my way to meet Miley Cyrus, girlcrush on her shoes, have a little chat, twerk it out and listen to some new album tracks. Good times.
• Just out of the Miley Cyrus playback. My faves are 4×4 and Drive. 4×4 is a funky country track and Drive has a fab dubstep vibe. Loves it.
• Miley is on fun form too. Looks teeny tiny in a cropped top and high waisted plaid trousers. Off to have a chat. And twerk it out.
• Lots of Miley fans asking about Wrecking Ball. Potentially is the 2nd UK single. But Miley’s now confused after we preferred Drive + 4×4!
• Wrecking Ball is Miley’s way of doing an Adele. Big strong heartfelt vocals against a big pop base courtesy of Dr Luke.

  • Interview with Mirror UK. More pics HERE.

  • MTV News interview:
  • Miley leaving her hotel in London (July 19). More pics HERE.

Day 3

  • Interviews in London (July 20).

  • Miley arriving at a photoshoot in East London (July 20). More pics HERE.

  • Miley at The Box Club in London (July 20). More pics HERE.




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